Entrepreneur Service Point

The PAE are centers where the creation of companies is facilitated with information services, documentation processing, advice, training and financing support.

Information and advice

Entrepreneurs in the definition of their business initiatives and during the first years of the company's activity.

Company set up

Initiation of the administrative process of incorporation of the company, through the Single Electronic Document (DUE). This service is free of charge.

Punto PAE Calafell

What legal forms can be registered in the PAE VilarencZenit?

The PAE allows to carry out, by telematic means, the procedures of constitution and implementation of legal forms:

  • Individual Entrepreneur (Self Employed)
  • Limited Liability Companies (SRL)

IMPORTANT NOTE: The PAE cannot register self-employed companies from companies already created. In this case, the procedure must be done at the corresponding office of the General Treasury of Social Security.

How to make an appointment to do the procedure?

Once you have all the necessary information and documentation, you can request an appointment with the VilarencZenit technical team for the processing:

  • By phone: 977 69 90 09 ext. 2679
  • By email to [email protected]
  • In person, at the VilarencZenit business space, located in Masia Vilarenc, Passeig de la Unió s / n, in Calafell

Before going to the PAE

It is very important to know the characteristics of the activity that you want to start and be clear about the different aspects of the legal form. For this reason, we advise you, in addition to making a good planning of the project, inform yourself and obtain prior advice on the various existing legal forms, in addition to those that can be started in the PAE, before making the decision to start your company.

What is the appointment?

During the visit, the PAE technical team will fill out the Single Electronic Document (DUE) in a web application where the data referring to the business person and their activity will be incorporated.
At the end of the visit, the entrepreneur will have a document that replaces all the official documents necessary for registering the company.
In the case of self-employed persons, the activity is considered started from the date indicated as the start of the activity.
In the case of the SL, the company will be considered constituted and prepared for the start of activities after the notarial appointment.

Important aspects to consider:

  • Any data modification must be made to the corresponding agencies (Tax Agency, Social Security, Labor Office), not to the PAE.
  • The creation of a company involves tax obligations. We recommend hiring a consultancy or agency if you are not familiar with these obligations.
  • The DUE does not include the Communication of the Opening of the Work Center. This procedure is mandatory if you have a work center with workers and can be done later.
  • In the case of SL, you can choose any notary who is in the CIRCE Telematic Processing System (STT-CIRCE: Notaries Search).
  • The PAE can process the dismissal or cancellation of the self-employed to the Treasury and Social Security. It is necessary to provide the activity registration documents. The fact of unsubscribing does not exempt the entrepreneur from the fiscal and tax responsibilities that remain pending (quarterly payments and / or annual returns).

Individual advice

The advice and support is completely personalized, free and can last as long as necessary.

Make an appointment without obligation.


Privacy: the data will only be used to arrange the session.